Content is King

[Bill Gates]

Undoubtedly you have heard — or rather, read —  this infamous quote before. Indeed, Bill Gates’  prophecy has been fulfilled. But is it still true nowadays? And if it is, what does it mean?

Personally, I would of course prefer the saying “Content is Queen”, fickle and unparalleled as woman’s nature can be, such is the nature of content these days. Small wonder that (small) business owners find it increasingly difficult to produce fresh, original content, meant to entertain, entice and engage their (future) audience. This is where SocialWords Online can help! With inspiration, support, advice and of course original content, either in English or Dutch, across a wide variety of on line platforms.

SocialWords Online likes to take content creation and content curation, social media management and community management off your hands, allowing you to completely focus (once again) on your core business.

If you feel daunted by today’s content standards, if you lack the time and the manpower to maintain your on line presence, contact SocialWords Online today and let us help you.